Testimonials -

Gwen is an awesome teacher!  She works so hard with us to keep my daughter interested in music.  My daughter adores her and the piano!  We really love the monthly workshops as they give my daughter the opportunity to play in front of her peers in a supportive and fun environment.  My daughter has learned to do this and now loves playing for anyone who she can get to sit and listen when guests come over!  Her first recital she froze up and barely made it to the stage, now she hops up and plays and sings along too!  It's fantastic, we love Gwen!    - Heather -

My daughter had been playing for about three years and was losing interest when she began taking lessons from Gwen.  Not only does Gwen challenge her but she believes in her and that has made all the difference.  Noelle now plays beautifully and is beginning to write her own music.  Gwen has made a wonderful difference in my daughter's life!    -  Robin - 

Gwen is not only an excellent piano teacher, but also a performer herself.  This is one of the important traits to us.  It is evident through her high standard of teaching and expectations from her students.  She teaches them not only to be able to play well, but also to understand the music behind playing the keys. I believe this approach helps kids play their pieces with the proper rhythm and dynamic.  It’s so important for young pianist to develop the sense of appreciation for the music they play.  

She is extremely patient and supportive with our children.  She takes her teaching with devotion and sincerity, yet makes learning to play piano and to understand music theory fun for the kids.  Her monthly workshop is a big hit for our children. They love having the opportunity to share their music with their peers. It is such a joy to see how our children have developed their piano skill and music theory knowledge.  Although our children have been playing piano for a few years, they haven’t been formerly introduced to music theory.  Now if you test them, you won’t believe the level they have achieved having started music theory lessons only a little over a year ago! 

What can we say? Words are not enough to express our appreciation, thank you so much Gwen and keep up the good work!     - Lucy -

Our 9 year old daughter, Abby, has absolutely loved over a year of piano lessons with Gwen.  Every time she comes running out I ask "how was your lesson?" and she says "GREAT!"  She says that Gwen always makes it such fun.  We, as well as many family members who have played for years, have been amazed at how quickly Abby has progressed.  Gwen adds in regular recitals and performances and group workshops that really enhance the love of music and of learning to play music for Abby.  I cannot recommend Gwen highly enough.   - Julie -

I would like to say thank you to Gwen for teaching Abby to play the piano.  It is wonderful to hear the recitals.  It is more wonderful to hear the piano music in my home.  But, the best part is the love of music that Gwen has helped to instill in my daughter.   - John -